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Central Minnesota Walmart Employees Finally Getting a Raise
If you've ever worked for Walmart then you know they're not known for paying very livable wages. That has now changed as every employee just got a raise.
It all stems from Trump's tax cuts, giving more tax breaks to major corporations, and many of those corporations have decided to put…
Coworkers Consensus, I Park Like a Jackass
I usually get here to the studio around 5:25 AM.  Some mornings more awake than others. All morning I've been catching flack for parking like a jackass.  I had to check this out and see exactly what everyone's problem was.
Twins Winter Caravan Coming to St. Cloud January 22
The Twins Winter Caravan will be stopping in St. Cloud Monday January 22. Outfielder Eddie Rosario, starting pitcher Jose Berrios and General Manager Thad Levine will be making the trip. The emcee of the event will be Twins TV Voice Dick Bremer. Mascot TC Bear will also be at the there along with…

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