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Favorite Sitcoms from the 90s
As you may be watching Netflix this weekend with the lovely weather we have forecast. Cold, rainy... great time to binge watch some 90s sitcoms that you may want to see again.
‘The Predator’ Trailer: The Year’s Must-See Horror Reboot
I always knew, deep down in my heart, that Jacob Tremblay would kill us all.
And sure enough, here is Jacob Tremblay, receiving a package with Predator stuff, then accidentally using it to bring a Predator ship down to our planet. And then, well, all heck breaks loose in The Predator, the long-a…
Tips For Easy Flying… In Flight Advice
I love to fly. Mostly because you get to your destination in the amount of time it generally takes to drive across a state. But wow, do I ever get fidgety on a flight that is anything over 2 hours.

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