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Throw Back Thursday, My Rare Earth Story
When I was in high school, the lady that lived next door at the lake told me all about her nephew that was in Rare Earth. His name was Mark Olson. She said when Mark was a kid, he used to run around at the lake wearing a coon skin cap. 15 years later when I was hosting the Orlando Locals show on WDI…
The Best Part of Waking Up Is?
Well, that's easy! The best part of waking up is, I guess, just knowing you are still alive.. But..the 2nd best thing about waking up is, huh? Must be coffee. But, the 3rd best thing about waking up is listening to Baxter & Laura in the morning, unless you're getting lucky, then Ba…
Vikings Add Teddy, Shelf Sam Wednesday
Bridgewater has not played for the Vikings since January of 2016 in the Vikings playoff loss to Seattle at TCF Bank Stadium. The fourth-year quarterback is recovering from a serious leg injury suffered before the 2016 season.

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