Pakistan released a list of words on Monday that Pakistanis can no longer use when they're text messaging someone. Where did they get the list? From the National Football League, of course. 

There are 17 hundred words on Pakistan's naughty list and under government order, all telecommunications companies that operate in Pakistan must have filtering software in place to block these words that are considered "offensive".

Some of those words are: harem, harder, quickie, Penthouse, black out and drunk. So if you were going to text your friend in Karachi and say, "Call the harem. I'm going to the Quickie Mart to buy a Penthouse and some beer so we can get black out drunk" your text won't go through.

Some other words you can't use to text your friends in Islamabad? Jesus Christ, flatulence, Satan, athlete's foot, monkey crotch, glazed donut and flogging the dolphin.

Now, where does the NFL come in you ask? Well, the NFL bans certain words (11 hundred words, to be exact) from being embroidered on custom jerseys and they passed that list on to Pakistan.

Not sure, though where they came up with the other six hundred.