There are many types of hookups maybe for love, sex, whatever the kind is there seems to be some sort of anticipation involved, let's see if we can break some of them down for you.

You may have your own type of hookup with the opposite sex, after all they do come in many different shapes and sizes, below are some that may be a little different:

  • The Anticipated Hookup - This one is no doubt the "Tonight's The Night" hookup, You're all waxed, your panties are real cute, and you have protection right (?), you're good to go. It's going to happen tonight!
  • The Revisiting It Hookup - It was 'GREAT' the first time, so alright let's do it again and again and again. Just try to keep in mind this is the friends with benefits hookup so make sure you both are on the same page.
  • The In-Love Hookup - This one some say is the only way, however; others may think your just an object of desire.
  • The Begrudging Hookup - You may be the picky type or have made bad choices but to at least entertain the idea you go for it, no need to get all psyched out about it.
  • The Blackout Hookup - This one is remembered only the next day in little bits and pieces I might add. Only the lucky one's that get out of this hookup sneak out in the middle of the night and maybe still a little tipsy in the taxi ride back home.
  • The Idle Hookup -  Maybe you've had a few cocktails it's late night and you're both wondering what to do, hmmm??  "let's go for it" just don't let feelings get in the middle of this hookup or you know what will hit the fan.

Like I said there are many type of hookups and you might have some hookup stories of your own, whether they be good or bad, whether you met in a bar or online or wherever. We've all seemed to hookup somehow, someway, right?

Some videos in regards to hookups can help some but the bottom line is do your own thing!