In the days of backing tracks and pre-recorded vocals, Paul McCartney says he is proud of  screw ups and sour notes. 

Sir Paul just wrapped up a world tour in his home city of Liverpool and says that he and his band performed every note of every song live. There were no pre-produced musical elements of the show at all.

In an interview with the UK Express, he says that the "concert experience" lies in the "heart of what music is all about" and mistakes are a part of that. Fans go to shows to be "in the room" with that performer and to hear the real thing, mistakes and all because that is "proof that the show really is live." He says that at the end of the night when the group takes a bow, it feels good knowing that there is no one "hidden under the stage"

Sir Paul and his group are getting set to record a new album of pop standards beginning in February. Paul says he is going to be recording the songs that inspired him to pursue a career in music.

In other Beatles related news, their former manager George Martin turns 86 today and it was on this day in 1970 the Fab Four recorded their last song I, Me, Mine which can be found on the Let it Be album. The song title was also used as the title of George Harrison's autobiography.