Paul McCartney is receiving high praise for his debut at the Bonnaroo Music Festival. Paul McCartney made his debut at the Bonnaroo Music Festival over the weekend and Rolling Stone Magazine praised his performance, calling it, “Dazzling” and, "the single greatest Bonnaroo headlining performance in the festival's 12-year history." That's pretty amazing considering the fact that Rolling Stone pretty much hates everything. They're so hip.

Paul's performance also included quite the fireworks display and they said he was quite friendly with the crowd. Paul did not just his recent solo work, but he also did several Wings tunes and he did a whole slew of Beatles songs in his two and a half hour set, getting the crowd involved with Ob La Di Ob La Da and Hey Jude.

The annual Tennessee music festival wrapped up yesterday. Paul McCartney will continue on his Out There Tour and stopping in Milwaukee on July 16.