Sir Paul McCartney is headed back to the studio for a new album and he's drawing inspiration from his childhood for the songs. 

Paul McCartney says that he is looking to his childhood for his latest album. There's no title yet for the project, but he says that it's going to be "the songs which inspired the songs."

He says he has been kicking around the idea of recording an album like this for a long time because he wanted to recognize the singers, songs and songwriters for inspiring him to pursue a career in music. He always thought that Fred Astaire was "cool" and the songs they wrote and sang were "magical." He adds that as he grew as a songwriter, he developed more of an appreciation for the past and wants to recognize those that helped make that possible. Paul says that it won't be an album of the pop standards and that he stayed away from the "obvious song choices."

The album is scheduled for a release in February.