Beatles super-star Paul McCartney has been a busy man lately. He was recently married to Nancy Shevell and he has now released his very own cookbook.

This is Paul's first cookbook and he put it out there to get people on board with something he really cares about - vegetarianism. 'Meat Free Monday' is the title of the cookbook, sharing the name of the campaign he started back in 2009. The cookbook is currently available only in the U.K. though it will be available in the U.S. in February 2012.

Paul is a vegetarian and so was his first wife Linda. He wants to encourage people to try and go meat free just one night per week, and he is hoping this cookbook will help people to realize they can eat healthy good-tasting foods with out having meat on their plate.

Going meat free (even just once a week) can make a huge impact on the world, your health, and even your pocket book.