Will Paul McCartney listen to the online community and save his local football team?

Soccer fans in Liverpool are begging local boy done good, Paul McCartney to see if he can help save the local team.

There is an online petition circulating right now to get the former Beatle to buy the Everton Football Club in order to prevent the team from going into bankruptcy and to keep an evil billionaire from buying the team. Sounds like a movie plot, doesn’t it?

The petition authors say that it hasn’t been an easy task to find a new owner for the team, because whomever the new owner will be will have to pay for the construction for a new stadium and they say the evil billionaire who wants to buy the team is a bit shady and the town doesn’t want the team to be run by him, so they’re turning to Paul. They’re calling him, “one of the most gifted musicians and one of our greatest humanitarians around the world," to "purchase our illustrious football club."

According to gossip website TMZ, the cost for the team is $200 million dollars. Paul’s net worth is estimated at about $800 million dollars.