Paul McCartney's introduction to the ballet world has garnered less than stellar reviews. 

The ballet, titled Ocean's Kingdom premiered Thursday at the New York City Ballet was highly anticipated because Paul McCartney composed the score and his daughter, fashion designer Stella McCartney designed the costumes.

The New York Times said that McCartney's score was, "never less than agreeable" but went on to say that it's, "in no way an important addition to the corpus of ballet music."

The whole thing isn't his fault. Though he didn't choreograph the entire ballet, McCartney did say he envisioned what he thought should be happening with certain movements. The New York City Ballet's Choreographer-In-Chief Peter Martin collaborated with McCartney for the show, so he's probably partly to blame.

McCartney did admit that he knew very little about ballet when he was approached for the project. He told the BBC that he took on the ballet for a "fresh challenge".

More performances of Ocean's Kingdom are scheduled, but following the dismal reviews, there is no word on if the show will close or not.