Paul Rogers is getting set to release two new albums. He loves one, but is not pleased with the other.

Paul Rogers has put the finishing touches on The Royal Sessions, which is his first try at covering R&B standards and he tells Billboard that he hopes it's not his last.

He adds that when he was working on the album, there were many more songs that popped into his head that he would love to record. He was lucky enough to cut the tracks in Memphis and have the original session players as part of the process.

The Royal Sessions will hit stores February 4.

The other album Paul is connected with, the Free boxed set, is not getting the same lovey dovey feelings.

He claims that their record label is just going to "open the vault" and release everything, "warts and all". What pissed him off the most is that he can't do anything about it.

No word on when that project will see the light of day.