Pink Floyd was known for their unique sounds and interesting concept albums, but did a producer try and convince them to do rap?

Pink Floyd's 1987 album Momentary Lapse of Reason almost contained rap music.

It's true. Co-producer Bob Ezrin was obsessed with rap and hip hop music back in those days and suggested to David Gilmour that the song Learning to Fly should contain a rap break instead of a guitar solo.

According to Spinner, Bob says that he brought the idea to David saying that he thought it would be a good idea to have a rap break because no one was doing rap and rock and "it would be awesome." David shot him down and said "Oh my God, that would be terrible" and in so many words said he hated the idea and he was not going to rap.

Bob now realizes that yes, it would have been a terrible idea and it probably wouldn't have worked, but he did predict that the rap/rock hybrid would take off and he was right.

By the way, Bob Ezrin also co-produced The Wall and he has worked with Alice Cooper, Kiss and Lou Reed. Thankfully, he didn't convince any of them to rap either.