With social media being the wave of the future, we've seen many means to socialize one of which is Pinterest, primarily designed for the female influence, now there's Manteresting!Pinterest is a very successful content sharing social network that allows members to "pin" images, videos and other objects to their pinboard. Also includes social networking features, Manteresting.com is worth the looksee.

Manteresting is similar, yet maybe geared more for the male persuasion where you might see more sharing of Outdoors and Camping, Funny,  Animals,  Apparel, Architecture, · ,  Cars & Motorcycles,  Design,  DIY & Tutorials, Events,  Food & Drink and a lot more.

One difference with Manteresting is you 'nail' your favorite stuff on 'workbenches' instead of 'pin' them on ''pinboards'.

One bit of advise is to read the 'Guidelines' prior to setting up your page.

Indeed a Pinterest for dudes!

The man who started it all is on the attached video to explain more.