Barkhad Abdi the Oscar nominated actor for his role as a pirate in 'Captain Phillips' out of Cedar-Riverside (apartments) of Minneapolis is broke.

Actors Faysal Ahmed (L) and Barkhad Abdi/Jason Merritt/Getty Images

According to The New Yorker magazine is stating the actor is broke. He only brought in a mere $65,000 for his role as a pirate in the film 'Captain Phillips'. The pizza delivery guy for the Oscars got more than that for a tip. A film that grossed $107 million dollars on a $55 million dollar budget. Not bad actually.

Since the film he has been unable to find acting work. Abdi worked as a cab driver prior to the film and after the film sold mobile phones.

The clothes he's been wearing for publicity tours and even at the Oscars are on loan from the Columbia Picture studios.

His plan is to move to Los Angeles and bunk with fellow pirate from the film Faysal Ahmed.

On the Morning Sideshow we tried to figure out how does one go broke that easily? Good question