You hear about things like this always coming out of the woodwork but what is legal to use and what's not?

What it boils down to is that Francis Alexander Molofiy, the attorney who represents the late Randy California (Spirit's guitarist) is saying that Led Zeppelin stole the intro for their 1971 single "Stairway to Heaven" from Spirit's song "Taurus" from 1968.

California's attorney is quoted as saying "The idea behind this is to make sure that Randy California is given a writing credit on 'Stairway to Heaven, It's been a long time coming."

These two bands have worked together at least on four different occasions. Led Zeppelin and Spirit ("I Got a Line on You") played together in 1968 and 1969 (shows according to Businessweek claiming Spirit played "Taurus").

It's reported that Led Zeppelin played a medley of songs that include Spirit's "Fresh-Garbage" – that appears on the same LP as "Taurus" – on their first U.S. tour.

This whole case could be a simple task for the petition or it could get ugly.

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