Truly one of the only sane people on Gilligan's Island, Professor Roy Hinckley, played by Russell Johnson has died of natural causes. Dawn Wells, who played Mary Ann on the show just posted this sad note on her Facebook Page;

Wells and Tina Louise, who starred as Ginger are the only two surviving members of the cast.

Mary Ann and The Professor were not included in the original opening sequence, and only identified as 'the rest'. Once Bob Denver (Gilligan) learned of the omission, he pressured Producer Sherwood Schwartz to include them.

Johnson died in hospice, surrounded by his wife and 2 children.


Although ‘Gilligan’s Island’ ended up being the role we remember him best for, he also did amazing work on shows like ‘The Twilight Zone,’ ‘Dallas,’ ‘Gunsmoke,’ ‘Wonder Woman,’ ‘The Jeffersons,’ ‘MagGuyver,’ ‘Newheart,’ ‘Dynasty’ and ‘Alf.’ He retired in 1997.