If you haven't heard about the Loon's resident psychic, Tiffany Johnson, I'll tell you a little about her. Psychic Tiff began appearing on my morning show here at the Loon probably, about 15 years ago. I was skeptical of the whole psychic thing but booked her anyway just for any potential entertainment factor she might bring to the show. On our first meeting she won me over. During a commercial break, she mentioned that she could communicate with people on the other side. Let me preface with, the week before this meeting I was totally obsessed with an Ebay auction for a gold watch. I never told anyone about this watch or auction. Anyway, I mentioned that my younger sister had passed several years before and asked if she could reach her. Tiffany asked my sister's name and I told her. She acknowledged that my sister was present. She then got a confused look on her face and said my sister was saying something that made no sense. I asked what my sister was saying and Tiffany replietiff2d she is just laughing and saying "What's with the watch, anyway?". Blew me away. There were many episodes as the years went by that further convinced me of Tiffany's psychic abilities. By the way, Psychic Tiff has a gallery coming up September 24th at the Palmer House in Sauk Center at 7PM. You can also catch her on the Loon Morning Show every month. Check her out at psychictiff.com