After Sunday's shocking verdict by the Florida jury in the Trayvon Martin - George Zimmerman case, I wondered: How do we define 'Racial Profiling'?

Whether you support Zimmerman or are outraged by the verdict, it's hard to deny Zimmerman paid more attention to Martin because he was black.

And it's not just Zimmerman. We're all doing it. Including me.

Three years ago my son had his bike stolen from our open garage. In broad daylight, at 5 in the evening on a Sunday. By a black kid.

I watched from my basement window as this young black kid walked right in to my garage, got on the bike and tore like a sonuvbitch out, and down my drive-way. By the time I got upstairs and out to chase him, he was down the block, with my neighbors yelling and running after him.

He dumped the bike about three blocks from my place and proceeded to escape on foot. I never caught up with him, but became much more suspicious of any black teen males in my neighborhood. I'd eye each and every one up, to see if they happened to be wearing the same ball cap or shorts as the recent perpetrator.

Then, it happened again.

A year later, again on a Sunday evening, the same bike was stolen right out of my garage.

Now you might think I have a bad habit of leaving my garage door open on Sunday nights, and I can't deny, it sure feels that way. But my son frequently mows the lawn on Sunday evenings and he neglects to shut the door, or will leave it open until he's done.

I know it was a black kid again, because for the second time, as I was in the basement, I witnessed strange brown legs walking past the ground level window that faces my driveway. But this time, the kid got away, as I was shoe-less when I witnessed the crime and couldn't keep up with the bastard.

So now, I'm not only watching every black teen male that comes down our street, but I'm slowing down and taking full account of any black teen male on a bike no matter where I go.

I'm torn when this happens. I know I have every right to be on alert for my kid's bike and the villain who took it. But I'm also feeling guilty as hell for looking at EVERY BLACK TEEN MALE. My friends assure me that I would be doing the same if the kid was white, red, yellow or green. But yet I feel wrong... and oddly righteous for still being on the look-out.

When the Zimmerman trial concluded, I was outraged. I raged on Twitter. I raged on FB. I took my friends to task for their support of the verdict. I even changed my FB profile picture to MLK in a black hoodie. Then one of my friends (privately, thank God) reminded me of the bike incident and my subsequent pseudo-stalking of black teen males.

It was at that point I began to look at just what racial profiling is... and found this three year old video from ABC. Watch it and you'll understand that non-black people, whether they like it or not, whether they try not to be or not, will always be racist. Especially whites.

Watch and try to defend George Zimmerman. Or me.