First of all, let me apologize to everyone that Googled "sucks".

Okay, for the last decade, prime  time television has been taken over by the lowest form of entertainment, next to professional wrestling, called reality TV.  Shows with allegedly no script and in most cases extremely painful to watch.

Remember "Fear Factor"?  Morons eating bugs and performing dangerous stunts with safety nets and anything else that could make it less interesting.

The only way I'd watch "Big Brother" is if they put a serial killer into the mix.  At least that would give you something to look forward to.

"Survivor", give me a break.  A great survivor episode would be to drop the bunch of them off somewhere in the deep south wearing t-shirts that said "Dale Earnhart was gay!"  Now, that would be fun to watch.

In my opinion, the only reality show that is bearable to watch is "Cops".  A show you can learn from.  I learned always to wear a shirt or risk arrest.  You can even play a drinking game, watching Cops, by taking a drink   someone says "That's not mine" or  " I don't know where that came from".  Be careful, you can get pretty tanked during one half hour episode.

Anyway, if you want to do humanity a favor, boycott any show without a script.

Sporting events are exempt.