Here’s the question I’ve been wondering this week. When in the hell did Diet Mountain Dew become so popular?? I ordered a pizza last weekend and one of the only drink choices, Diet Mountain Dew. What!? Has that always been an option??

I work in an office where we have a lunchroom with a couple vending machines, including a soda machine. I rarely use it, but the other day I felt like having a Sierra Mist. I go to the machine and in the slot where Sierra Mist used to be is Diet frickin’ Mountain Dew. I stare at the machine for a bit and think to myself, who the hell are the pansy asses drinking Diet Mountain Dew that we had to add it to this machine?

So now, not only do we have two slots for Mountain Dew, which is fine because if you are going to drink Mountain Dew you go for the hard stuff and not the pansy ass I’m watching my chunky figure kind, but also a very own spot for Diet Mountain Dew. As my disappointment was growing, I look at the other selections and I notice Dr Pepper, and you guessed it, Diet Dr Pepper underneath it. Don’t even get me started on that one.

I end up walking away with my dollar in my hand mumbling something about how much this machine sucks!

I mean Really!

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