This feels more like an annual public service announcement than just my own personal rant. See last year’s here. I do find myself asking these questions more and more often when driving: Do people even know the left lane is for passing only and not just cruising in it? Are kids not being taught this anymore or have people just turned into a$$holes and don’t care about this rule and other drivers?

The worst thing is when you finally do get a chance to pass them in the right lane; you look over and see them on the phone or texting. I found myself behind a lady like this a few days ago and she wouldn’t move over. It always seems to happen when the right lane is full too so there’s really nowhere to go until someone gets out of the way. About 15 minutes later, when I finally had a chance to get in the right lane, I passed her and could see she was on the phone.

The sane part of me was saying: Pass her, be on your merry way and move on. But there’s that little crazy part that kind of wanted to smash my car into hers, run her off the road and walk into the nearest jail and say, “Worth it.”