I've learned something recently. I've learned that people who have facebook pages for pets really piss people off. I mean really, when you think about it, you spend enough hours in the day wasting away on facebook as yourself. Do you really need to pretend to be your pet too?

And you know when you’ve really lost it, right? It’s when it's just you and your pet commenting back and forth on your own status. No one else, just you and “your pet”. You're not fooling anyone.

And no, I do not feel bad for you. You know who I feel bad for? The poor cat or dog who is probably just innocently licking themselves or perhaps trying to catch a nap while you’ve got them looking like an a$$hole all over the internet! They didn't ask for this.

Next time you find yourself posting as them, look up from your computer and glance over at them. I bet they are staring at you. I'm guessing your dog is staring at you thinking, "Just because YOU want to look like a jackass, don't get me involved." Oh, and your cat? Trust me, your cat is always thinking, "I'm just waiting for you to die, so I can eat you."

I mean Really!

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