I don’t normally eat at fast food joints, but last weekend I went to one to get a vanilla ice cream cone. I’m waiting in the drive-thru and I can hear the guy in front of me ordering and all I hear is this: “I need a #1, I need a #4, I need a 5 piece chicken nugget, I need, I need, I need...”  Really jackwad? No one needs any of this! Ever heard of manners? How about, “I would like” or “May I have”?

I see the guy hanging out of his window and I want to walk over to his car and say, “Why don’t you get out of this fast food drive-thru and go home and reminisce about when you used to be able to see your junk without using a hand mirror.”

True story, I used to work at a fast food place when I was in high school. They never let me work up front with the customers. I guess it all makes sense now.

I mean Really!

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