I called my dentist's office last week to make an appointment. Seems like a fairly uneventful task, right? So, I make the call and a receptionist picks up. "Hello, blah-blah Dentist office, how may I help you?"

"I'd like to schedule an appointment for a check-up."

"Ok, would morning or afternoon work better?"

"It doesn't matter, either one is fine."

And she responds with, "It don't matter?"

(Inside my mind) Ok, what? Did she just say- It "don't" matter? She clearly doesn't hear anything wrong with the way she said it, so ok, I guess I'll carry on with this.

"Umm, it doesn't matter, either morning or afternoon will work."

"Ok and you see Dr. Tom?"

"No, I see Dr. John."

She responds, "Oh, I just seen that in the computer."

(Inside my mind once again) Holyhell, what the heck am I talking to here? "I just seen that?" What kind of weird-ass, hillbilly language is this? Doesn’t it hurt your ears when you hear these words being said this way? Unfortunately, I work with a couple people who I consider to be from "Hillbillyville" so I've heard people talk like this before, but still, every time it hits my ear I cringe. I try to correct them and you know how much people appreciate when you correct their grammar, right? I don't care; I still correct the crap out of people.

Anyway, I finish making the appointment and end the call. The moral of the story: If you are reading this and don't find anything wrong with "It don’t matter" and "I just seen that", you just might be from Hillbillyville.

I mean Really!

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