Really Left Lane Cruisers?

There’s nothing more annoying than being stuck behind some jackass cruising along in the left lane on a highway, right?

So, I’m driving behind some lady this morning and not only is she cruising down the highway in the left lane going maybe 50 mph while everyone is trying to pass her, but I see her looking in the rearview mirror and apply makeup! Come on! Are you frickin' kidding me? Put down the makeup and get your ass out of the way.

Congrats to this moron because she is now an official Left Lane Loser.

What I really wanted to do was pull her over and ask, “What the hell is that on your head? Is that actually your hair or some sort of cat or squirrel? I thought it was illegal to wear a squirrel on your head. Weirdest hair I’ve ever seen on someone.

Anyway, words of advice: “Don’t be a Loser, Don’t be a Left Lane Cruiser” I mean Really!

-- Krissy Krabtree, resident ranter