I went to the Casino with the Old Man over the weekend. Always a fun time, play some, lose some and hopefully win some by the time we leave. At least we usually get enough comps to cover food, so we went to the Breakfast Buffet.

After we’re done eating, we go back onto the casino floor and Old Man tells me he has to go use the bathroom. No big surprise to me, pretty much the story of this guy’s life. I decide to sit down and wait at one of the slot machines and he leaves but heads in the wrong direction of the bathroom. I’m thinking, whatever, half the time he has no idea where the hell he’s going anyway, he’ll figure it out.

So I’m waiting and kind of looking to see if he’s coming out of the bathroom, but don’t see him. Suddenly he comes walking from a different direction and he’s laughing and shaking his head. He walks up to me and says, “I just took a crap in the Women’s bathroom.” I look at him thinking, what the hell?!

He explains that he walked in, obviously thinking it was the Men’s bathroom, and notices all the stalls and no urinals but doesn’t really question it. He walks all the way into the bathroom down to the last stall. He starts doing his business when someone walks into the stall next to his with a little kid. She sets her purse down on the floor and it finally hits him...I’m in the Women’s bathroom!! Panic sets in as he’s thinking how the hell am I going to get out of here?? So, he finishes up what he’s doing, opens the stall, keeps his head down and hauls ass out of there like his pants are on fire.

As hilarious I think this incident is, especially since it happened to him, I’m still thinking...Really Old Man?? The sign above the restroom is about 1 ½ x 3 feet long and in bright lights says WOMEN. It’s a casino, of course it’s in the brightest lights possible! Sometimes I wish he would pull his head out of his ass, at least a little bit.

I mean Really!