So the weather has gotten much nicer, right? This of course is great in almost every aspect, except one thing. Warm weather means windows open in cars and windows open in cars means it time for jackasses to hang their arms out the window.

Limbs do not belong outside of the car! No one wants to see your arm or worse yet, your dumbass foot hanging out of your car window. There's the guy who just puts his arm straight out the window, which in my opinion, you're asking for it to be cut off. The guy who puts his arm straight up in the air. Why? No idea. And then there's the Atomic Jackass move. The Jackass of all Jackasses. The guy with his arm out the window doing (I can't even stand to type it) the wave! You know what I'm talking about, right? Up and down, up and down, just surfing through the air. It takes everything I have not to run these people off the road.

Have people never been told to keep their parts inside the car? I’ll give you an elbow. An elbow hanging on the window edge is ok. Every time I see a news story about someone getting their arm taken off, I just can't help but say, "What a Dumbass!" If you really want to impress me, get your ass up out the window while driving. Now that would be impressive.

I mean Really!

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