Like a majority of people, I work in an office where we have public bathrooms, obviously one for women and one for men. We also have a one toilet bathroom that was made where a closet used to be so it's basically in the middle of our back office. I'm pretty sure people still don't realize that it's not soundproof.
Anyway, last week I'm walking past this bathroom and a guy is in there with a mop and bucket. So I ask if he had Mexican for lunch. Nope, the toilet was overflowing when he walked in the bathroom. Really? So some jackass clogs the toilet, overflows it and takes off so this poor putz has to clean it up? Come on people! Where's the respect?

And what about washing your hands? Do you know how many times I’ve been in a restroom and people around me are walking out without washing their hands or doing the 2 second splash under the water without soap. I kind of want to yell after them, “That doesn’t work Numbnut! Need soap and hot water to be effective!” Dumbass.

We also have air freshener in each bathroom, but apparently that goes unnoticed. It's a public bathroom, what's wrong with a courtesy spray!? Trust me, no one wants to know what you were just in the bathroom blowing your ass apart.
No joke, I walked into the women's room the other day and went straight to the sink and threw up. Now that's bad!

I mean Really!