This one goes out to all the rude people who can’t even take the time to say “hello” to people anymore.

In this day and age where everyone seems to have their faces glued to their phones and computers, I'd like to know, what's happened to the good old fashioned word "hi"?

Walk down the street, no one says hi or even makes eye contact. Walk into a store, other than Walmart where someone is paid to greet you, you don’t find many people saying "hello".

Here's something bad -- walk down the hallway at your own office or workplace, there are a few who don't say "hi."


People can't even say "hi" to their own co-workers?!

Next time you're walking somewhere and cross someone's path, surprise them and look them in the eye with a smile and say “hello”. You'll probably make their day -- or perhaps totally freak them out.  Either way you've made an impression.

I mean really!