One of the most annoying things ever is when you miss a call and your voicemail sound doesn’t go off until minutes later. You instantly know that this numbnut who just called you, rattled off their mouth for who the hell knows how long and you know it’s probably a bunch of nonsense, dumbass crap.

Do you know the kind of people who leave long-winded voicemails? People who are in love with their own voice and want to hear themselves talk.

Or how about when people laugh while leaving the message? Is this message you’re leaving me really that funny? Do you think I’m laughing as I listen to it? I’m not. I’m probably thinking, “What the hell is this person’s problem?”

I will usually give the message about 7 seconds and if you can’t make your point in that amount of time, I’m done with it.

Bottom line: Don’t waste my time.

I mean Really!

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