Since 1972 an outstanding percussionist by the name of Sam Clayton has been a major part of the band  'Little Feat', prior to that he was with 'Delaney Bonnie and friends'.Sam Clayton, percussionist and vocalist, appeared on all but two of the 25 'Little Feat' albums, a band well known for songs like, "Oh Atlanta" and "Dixie Chicken".

Little Feat albums like, 'Don't Fail me Now' and 'Sailin' Shoes' gained them much notoriety and admiration from fans and musicians alike.

Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) once said, " My favorite American group."

Bonnie Raitt stated, " I heard Sailin' Shoes and went crazy. Musically, they're my favorite band."

Attached is the video of Sam Clayton providing vocals with Little feat on the song, "Feel The Groove" in Aspen, Colorado in 2011.