The remastered Beatles catalog is coming to fans in a big, big way. I mean. This is going to be huge. 

Fans, mark your calendars because the Beatles catalog is going to be re-released again, but fans are going to be able to have it in a way they've never had it before.

The catalog is being released on vinyl and will include the U.K. version of all 12 albums, plus the U.S. version of Magical Mystery Tour, plus the two disc compilation of Past Masters Volumes 1 and 2, plus the stereo versions of Please Please Me, With the Beatles, A Hard Day's Night and Beatles for Sale. There will be small extra special touches for the fans on a few of the albums that include lyric sheets, photographs, cardboard cutouts and special liner notes. Fans can also get their hands on one of 50 thousand limited edition box sets that will have everything plus a 250 plus page book outlining the technical specs for the remaster process and a chapter on each album.