If you don't believe there's a possibility of the world famous "Bigfoot", then you may want to think again. Minnesota stands on high-alert for this creature that has only been seen a few times.

Since the late 1800's, stories about Bigfoot started being told in the Minnesota town of Remer. They are now declared the official "Home of Bigfoot", and for good reason! In 2009 a trail camera captured the image of a creature that has been rumored for over 100 years, and seen only a few times. The image caught national attention for the town of Remer.

It was also rumored that the town's founder, William P. Remer, discovered tracks in the woods of Remer belonging to Bigfoot. This started the phenomenon of Bigfoot in Minnesota.

The Remer Chamber of Commerce will host a kick-off celebration to becoming the official "Home of Bigfoot" on April 9, 2016. This celebration will include a presentation by the Bigfoot Research in Minnesota, lunchion, scavenger hunt for Bigfoot, and live entertainment.

Source: Pilot-Independent