Revolver Magazine is celebrating its 100th issue by listing the 100 greatest living rock stars.

Just by checking out the cover, we see that Slash, Axl, Gene Simmons, James Hetfield, Alice Cooper, Dave Mustaine, Lemmy and Marilyn Manson all made the cut among others.

I don't seem to spot Angus, Seger or Springsteen but I'm sure they're there.

"Some would say the era of the rock star is dead," says Revolver editor-in-chief Brandon Geist. "And those are probably the same disbelievers who have told us many times that rock is dead, that metal is dead, that print is dead. And yet, here Revolver is at 100 issues —100 real, tangible, bathroom-ready printed issues — celebrating 100 rock stars who are very much alive and kicking ass. Needlessly to say, reports of all these deaths are greatly exaggerated."