The Rock Hall finally gets it right. Kind of.

Rush fans across the globe found themselves in a moment of jubilation yesterday as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced that year after year and snub after snub, (14 years' worth of snubs to be exact. Not that I'm counting.) Rush will be inducted into the Rock Hall as part of the Class of 2013.

Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson says that he's thrilled about the honor, even if it did take 14 years to get there. He adds that he has no hard feelings about it and "It's all water under the bridge, and it was a very tiny bridge. I think our fans are more upset than we were because they feel a real bond to this band, and it's been an important part of their lives in some form. And to be snubbed was snubbing them at the same time; perhaps there were times when I thought if this ever happens I'm not going to bother going, or who cares or whatever. But at the end of the day, positive karma is an important thing and this is an important thing to a lot of our fans and people we know."

Singer and bassist Geddy Lee chimed in saying that the honor is, "Very nice" and that he wasn't expecting the call and he was a little surprised about it. He expected groups like Deep Purple and Procol Harum to be inducted before Rush. He says there are no mixed emotions about it. He figures if they get in, they get in. If they didn't? Oh well. He says, "I appreciated how much it meant to our fan base. It really did mean a lot to them. It was kind of a cause they championed and I appreciated their feelings but beyond that, I really did not concern myself with it." He adds that his mother is "happy, so that's worth it." Geddy also knows how much it means to their fan base saying, "I'm very relieved for them and we share this honor with them, for sure." Last year, Axl Rose didn't come to the ceremony, but Geddy says the group will be there with smiles on.

Also being inducted alongside Rush is Heart, disco queen Donna Summer, blues man Albert King, songwriter Randy Newman and rap group Public Enemy. Super producers Quincy Jones and Lou Adler will both receive the Ahmet Ertegun Lifetime Achievement Award as non-performers.

Among those nominated but not inducted this year are: Joan Jett & The Black Hearts, Deep Purple (what the hell?!) and Procol Harum among others.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony will take place April 18 at the Nokia Theater and is set to be broadcast on HBO May 18.