Alice Cooper rocks. Has for nearly 50 years.  And he will again in July at Cadott, Wisconsin's Rock Fest.

But Alice Cooper hasn't always been the shock rocker we know and love today. He began his career as Vincent Furnier.

A lot of artists and bands started off as someone or titled something different before making the big time. Vincent Furnier was no different.

Born February 4th, 1948 in the Motor City, Furnier soon would move to Phoenix, Arizona, where he resides today.

Furnier co- formed a band called The Earwigs at the age of 17 with Dennis Dunaway and Glen Buxton, the band would eventually evolve into The Spiders and then The Nazz all before settling on Alice Cooper as we know today. The line-up at the time was that of Alice Cooper - vocals, Glen Buxton - guitar, Michael Bruce - guitar/keyboards, Dennis Dunaway - bass and Neal Smith - drums. Their first album was titled, "Pretties for You", yet in 1971 we got a real taste of what was yet to come when the song , I'm Eighteen was released as a single off the album "Love It to Death".

In 1972 we were treated with 'School's Out", which released singles, School's Out and Elected. Alice Coopers status as a performer was spreading like wildfire as the show to see.

In 1973, "Billion Dollar Babies", was released and the single No More Mister Nice Guy was set free. In 1973 Alice and the band released the album "Muscle of Love." On that note in 1974 the group disbands and Alice went solo, while Michael Bruce, Dennis Dunaway and Neal Smith form the band Billion Dollar Babies which seems a little ironic.

Alice will be performing at Rock Fest this year on Saturday, July 21 at Cadott, Wisconsin, but don't count on hearing any music from The Earwigs.

(A side note -- we lost Glen Buxton in 1997 to pneumonia. He is buried at the Evergreen Cemetery in Clarion, Iowa near where Buddy Holly died.)

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