We have the Grammys, the UK has the BRIT Awards and the BRIT nominations were announced yesterday and (no shock here) the Rolling Stones were nominated for an award. Here’s what the guys had to say. 

The Rolling Stones took to social media to express their satisfaction with being nominated for a BRIT Award yesterday in the category of British Live Act and they snagged the nom after playing only five shows; only two of which were in their native Great Britain.

Mick Jagger took to Twitter after the nominations were announced and went with the generic “great to be nominated." He also said the band "all had such a blast, everyone was at the top of their game & the hometown audiences at The O2 were just fantastic." Mick also sent out a rather cryptic tweet saying, "we will see you soon."

Keith Richards also used his Twitter account to talk about how the stage is where the band belongs. He also silenced anyone who was wondering if the Stones were going to hang it up after their hugely successful live shows last year saying that when he’s "up there with Mick, Charlie and Ronnie, everything is rocking...so a big thanks to BRIT fans and the BRIT Nom..!"

For being one of the greatest rock and roll bands ever in the history of life, the Rolling Stones have only been nominated for a BRIT Award three other times. The BRIT Awards will be handed out in London on February 20.