When I broke curfew, I just got grounded. The Rolling Stones on the other hand broke curfew and are now facing a hefty fine. 

The Rolling Stones let the world know over the weekend that they are more than primed and ready for a 50th anniversary world tour as they rocked the O2 in London in a two night stand that included all, not just some of the bands biggest hits, but in the ensuing love fest, authorities have their knickers in a twist over the fact that the raucous show went over an agreed upon curfew and the band will now likely have to pay up.

According to the UK Sun, the curfew was set for 10:30pm because, well, most 70 year olds have had their prune juice and are ready for bed or in bed by then, but the show ran 35 minutes over and the band's agent said that 35 minutes will mean, "a big fine." Big for you and big for me, but when you're a rock star of the same caliber as these guys and have millions to throw around, the 320 thousand dollar fine is chump change for them. When you split it four ways, that equates to 80 grand per person. They probably have cars in the garage that cost more. I'm sure the Stones will have no problem covering the fine. The total take for these guys for the five shows they're performing between now and the end of the year will be somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 million dollars.

They aren't the first ones to get in trouble for breaking curfew this year. Paul McCartney and Bruce Springsteen also got the axe when their show ran over time and the plug was literally pulled on their Hard Rock Calling Festival in July.

If you can't make it to New York or New Jersey, you can catch the Rolling Stones' December 16th show from the Prudential Center live on Pay Per View.