Saying he's "too busy", Mick Jagger is putting the kibosh on the rumors that the Rolling Stones will reunite for their 50th Anniversary. 

In an interview with USA Today, Mick Jagger tells Rolling Stones fans the news they don't want to hear: A proposed reunion tour is "not on the table."

He says he's very busy with his new group called SuperHeavy, which is comprised of Mick, Eurythmics co-founder Dave Stewart, singer Joss Stone, Reggae Artist and son of Bob, Damien Marley and composer A.R. Rahman.  The group has released the video for their first song called "Miracle Worker". You can check that out HERE.

He adds that he's not upset over losing the crown of highest grossing tour to Irish lads U2. U2 was awarded the record this year by Guinness for their monster 360 Tour. Mick says that "records are made to be broken" and is predicting that R&B diva Beyonce will soon knock them off the throne.

Another thing Mick won't do? Write a memoir. He says that in order to write one's autobiography, you have to go back and live your life again in order to dredge up the past which he says he has no interest in doing. Mick says if he wrote a book, it would be a work of fiction because that "gets your imagination going."

And, in other non-music related Mick Jagger news, he is currently working on a movie called Tabloid. He is co-producing and is kicking around the idea of acting in the lead role as well.