The Rolling Stones may have been in the music business for 50 years, and you would think that they have done everything and seen everything, but that’s not necessarily the case. Over the weekend, the Rolling Stones did something they’ve never done before.

Over the weekend the Rolling Stones made their debut at the Glastonbury Festival. The band was the headliner on the main stage, but there were no surprise performers. This one was all about the guys.

The band did a 20 song set sprinkled with old and new, familiar and album cuts and a reworked version of Factory Girl. They also busted out Two Thousand Light Years from Home and Keith Richards’ pipes got a workout on You Got the Silver and Happy.

According to the UK Telegraph, the fans gave the band mixed reviews, but garnered rave reviews from the critics, including their own music critic who said that their set was, “one of the greatest rock and roll sets Glastonbury has ever seen.” Rolling Stone Magazine gave them a glowing review, which is awesome because they hate everything.

The Rolling Stones 50 and Counting Tour will wrap up this month in London. Their next performance is Saturday.