In true Rush fashion, their 2112 reissue will be quite elaborate and jam packed with a lot of extra extras. 

Rush fans will be delighted to know that their epic 2112 album is getting a reissue and it's not just one reissue. They're doing three.

That's right. The 2112 reissue will have three different versions to pick from, or, you'll probably pick up all three and that's kind of what I suggest after reading more about what they're including with these albums.

First, the 2112 Deluxe Edition will come with the remastered album, three live bonus tracks, plus a video on DVD or Blu-Ray which will feature an interactive comic book for you to follow along and a never before seen behind the scenes photo gallery. The photo gallery, by the way will include the hand written lyrics to the songs. You won't have to choose between watching the video or listening to the album: The disc is formatted to be watched on TV whilst listening to the album. Genius.

The 2112 Super Deluxe Edition boasts a digipack with the CD, the Blu Ray, and a 40 page hard bound comic book. There will also be a 24 page book of artwork, plus lyrics, plus never before seen behind the scenes photographs and brand new liner notes. There will also be extras that come with the super deluxe edition that you don't need the album for, but what good is that? Half the fun is following along.

Finally, there will be just the regular plain old 2112 remaster CD, but there are also two books that you can pick up, or download as an iBook. I'm not one to advocate not buying an actual, physical album or book, but the iBook version does come with the deluxe edition bonus live tracks.

The three different remasters are available in stores now.