Rush has been a band for 40 years and yet they haven't imploded like Guns n' Roses or Pink Floyd or just completely called it quits like the Police or The Kinks. What's up with that?

Rush bassist and lead singer Geddy Lee says that the key to their longevity is friendship and a common creative direction. During an interview with he says that it's a mystery, but the group has been stable for four decades and 20 records because Geddy, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart have chemistry and they all "like making the same kind of music". Geddy says that many bands break up because of "interpersonal relationships" but Rush doesn't seem to have that problem because they're friends, but above all the respect each other.

Congratulations are in order for Rush, by the way who scored a Prog Rock Award last night. They won Album of the Year for Clockwork Angels.

Rush kicks off their Clockwork Angels tour tonight in New Hampshire. You can catch Rush at the Target Center in Minneapolis September 24.