It's common knowledge that big-time mortgage bankers are in league with the Devil, but in this under-rated horror masterpiece directed by Sam Raimi (fresh off 3 massively successful Spider-Man movies) the heroine is a just a lowly loan officer following the rules. When she forecloses on a cute little old Romanian lady, who just happens to be a gypsy-witch, our sweet cherub is thrown a curse of the worst kind. It's a perfect film to even out the visceral fear from Scary Halloween Movie #4 and get into a great story with a ton of unanticipated scares and chills. Plus what's Halloween without a seance? It runs about 90 minutes and the climax of the film will hit you right about Midnight.

In this terrifying tale, we're confronted with the consequences of following the rules and not using your own best judgement when you're in a position to help someone. Sweet Christine is just trying to get ahead in her career and she's on the verge of a promotion when when everything just gets out of hand.

There are a lot of great visuals and Raimi doesn't over-use CGI, so much of what you see is good old fashioned man-made SFX. If you're a fan of Sam, you know he's the genius behind not only the Spidey films, but the Evil Dead movies and you know he loves a great story. Raimi's films all contain comedic bursts that drop your guard, and set you up for a scare bigger than the last. Drag Me To Hell combines the classic horror elements of revenge, guilty conscience and being pushed to the edge with witches throwing curses, shadowy demons stalking you and the all the horrible things you'll do to get rid of them, including killing a kitten and insulting your mother in-law.