We LOOOOOOOVE zombies. From George A. Romero's classic Night of the Living Dead to the insanely popular The Walking Dead, they've infected our Halloweens for decades. But 28 Days Later took the whole thing to a terrifying level with the 'Rage' virus and zombies that ran. FAST. If you thought Scary Halloween Movie #4 was filled with shocking shots, you ain't seen nothin' yet, brutha. This film will get your heart pounding, adrenaline pumping and will keep you awake if you happen to have had a long day. It runs about 2 hours and will take you up to 10:30pm.

Now we all know it's pretty easy to get away from a zombie, just run. These things just shamble, hell some of them can't even WALK! But the 'Rage' victims, oh sweet mother... they can run... and they've got super-strength, they're pissed (you're kidding me, right?) and want revenge? Oh yeah and they'll eat the hell out of you, once they tackle your stumblin' butt.

28 Days Later has been credited frequently for revitalizing the 'zombie-genre' films and AMC's popular series The Walking Dead uses the same beginning storyline concept for it's anti-hero Rick Grimes. A man injured wakes up after the virus has ravaged the country and is suddenly thrown into the chaos of a zombified world.

It won several Sci-Fi and SFX awards both in the US and abroad. The film was the first time zombies ran fast and brought an entirely new angle on the genre. The 2009 movie Zombieland also successfully used the idea of 'running' zombies. The movie spawned a sequel 28 Weeks Later.