I like food. Food tastes good, but I don't know if I want to dip my spoon into schweddy balls and wash it down with a bottle of chick beer. Would you? 

Ben and Jerry's has come out with some odd ice cream flavors named after pop culture references, but this takes the red velvet cake. There's a new flavor coming soon to a freezer case near you. It's called Schweddy Balls and is based on the Saturday Night Live sketch with Alec Baldwin, Ana Gasteyer and Molly Shannon. The ice cream is being described as vanilla ice cream with a hint of rum loaded with fudge covered rum and milk chocolate malt balls. Sounds gross to me, but maybe that's because I don't like rum.

And, make no mistake about a new brand of beer hitting the store shelves. It's called Chick Beer and says that it's "the only beer brand designed for women." Women drink 25% of all beer consumed in the U.S. so the company made it a light beer with low carbonation so we don't burp like dudes. It comes in hot pink packaging and it's only available right now in Maryland, but the manufacturers are working hard to expand sales across the country. Would you drink it?