Rolling Stone's readers pegged him as one of the 100 greatest voices in rock-n-roll, and we'd have to agree. Eric Burdon, the growling, British front-man of The Animals and War has been belting out classics since 1962. His soaring vocals begged us to follow him in 'We Gotta Get Outta This Place', lamented the life of a military chaplain in 'Sky Pilot' and hailed the other young gods of music born of love they performed with at 'Monterey'.

Burdon has failed to sit on his laurels in the last half-century, putting out 50 albums in that time, including collaborations with War. Now, poised to release his most recent effort 'Til Your River Runs Dry' on January 29th, Burdon has embarked on another tour. He is in fine form as evidenced by his recent performance with Bruce Springsteen at SXSW (video below), where Springsteen confessed "I stole every song he every wrote" from Eric Burdon.

Eric Burdon is performing at The Medina Entertainment Center this Friday night at 7:30pm. Listen this week to Baxter’s Morning SideShow for your chance to get on the Guest List and see the show for free. You'll also see special guest Minnesota favorite Lamont Cranston with Bruce McCabe

Watch a couple of classic live Eric Burdon & The Animals performances below.

Watch the entire Eric Burdon and The New Animals performance at the XIV Festival de Jazz de San Javier, Spain in 2011