Formed in Tampa in 1972, The Outlaws – known for their triple-guitar rock attack and three-part country harmonies – became one of the first acts signed by Clive Davis (at the urging of Ronnie Van Zant) to his then-fledgling Arista Records.

Now 40 years later, the Southern Rock legends celebrate triumphs, have endured tragedies and survived legal nightmares to remain one of the most influential and best-loved bands of the genre.

The Outlaws have returned with new music, a new focus and an uncompromising new mission: It’s about a band of brothers bound together by history, harmony and the road. It’s about a group that respects its own legacy while refusing to be defined by its past. But most of all, it’s about pride.

The Outlaws bring their unique sound to The Medina Entertainment Center this Saturday (11/17) night at 7:30 and The LOON is getting you in for free. Just listen to Jenna and SLOAN all this week for the Coca-Cola Ticket Window to open. When you hear it, be caller 10 and you're on the Medina Outlaws Guest List.

If you're not familiar with what the Coca-Cola Ticket Window sounds like, listen below-

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Here's a taste of what you'll hear when you join us this Saturday night at The Medina for The Outlaws.