He toured last spring (and again, May at the Xcel: wow) with only releasing a single - the cover of Tom Waits' Downtown Train - while simutaneously working on his follow up album to 2006's The Promise.

Now Bob Seger is speaking out on the upcoming release and is planning to hit the road again in the fall (like yours truly, I don't think he's a fan of the summer heat).

The only offical date so far (fingers-crossed for a yet unamed MN return) is Orlando, FL but stops are expected in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Tampa, Pittsburgh, Dallas, Denver and Vancouver.

As for the album, he says there are roughly 50 songs to cull from.

"For about nine months, I worked with about 47 old, unreleased songs. I got about 60, but 47 I really liked. And I worked on that for about nine months -- and that's what I was gonna put out. When I found 'Downtown Train,' which was an '89 track, but then we completely changed it in the fall -- it kinda spiked me to start writing again. And so I started recording. And I'd stay I'm about half-done."