This has been an ongoing debate among some of my neighbors and other friends with children in Sartell, should the city build a splash-pad for the kids?  And if so, who should pay for this?  

Now that I have a three-yr-old and one on the way, I am thinking differently about things in my community.  Prior to having kids I would have said save the money.  But now that I have kids my perspective has changed and continues to change as she grows up.

My daughter loves to play at the splash-pad, either in St Cloud or Waite Park, so I feel that a splash-pad in Sartell would only make sense.  Why not make this great community to raise kids even better?  Even if that meant a bit higher property taxes I would be down.  I want my kids childhood to be better than mine and I want them to remember all the fun they had growing up.  Back where I'm from we didn't even have a pool or anything for us kids, and it SUCKED!